Take Responsibility

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Happy Saturday! The weather is beautiful! I completed a morning run soaking up some needed sunshine. Officially, we are in a new year! 2019 is here!

It’s time to take responsibility for your life…full circle. The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life, you will feel empowered. When you own what’s happening in your life, you can really start to shape your future. What role do you play in your life? Actions? Choices? This will truly lead you to becoming more accountable. Accountability is crucial in having a good relationship with people around you, as well as with yourself. We all are responsible for our actions and what we impose on others. In sharing some positive light, make sure you celebrate your successes and wins in life. You have to take responsibility for your happiness.  Celebrate yourself!

In taking responsibility for your life, you are the driver of your journey. You are in the driver’s seat. It’s important to know your limits and boundaries. This will prevent you from taking responsibility for what you can’t control.

Here are a few ways you can take responsibility for your life:

1. Stop complaining. Complaining is a sure way of being the victim.  Not all things will go as plan. Don’t blame others, take responsibility. Make the necessary changes and adjust.

2. Make yourself happy. In most cases, it’s the small things. Do what makes you happy. Take responsibility for your happiness. Happiness is an inside job. Keep a gratitude journal and reflect on all the things you are grateful for.

3. Live now. Live in the present moment. Take responsibility for this moment and cherish everything. Don’t focus on the past. Create what you can be proud of. Crush those goals with confidence. Make those dreams come true!

Be intentional about everything. Have a vision for your life, your family, your friendships, your career/business, your health, etc.

Always SMILE…




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Happy New Year, 2019

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Wow! We are hours away from 2019! Take a moment to reflect. As you reflect, make sure you count your blessings, one by one. Despite the challenges and hurdles, you still have something to be thankful for.

2019 is here and we have to start approaching things differently. There will be decisions to face in the coming days or months and having the right perspective is key. Stop doing things that don’t matter and spend time making your dreams and goals a reality. Don’t limit yourself. Improve yourself. Try to be a better person. Build healthy relationships and friendships. Take care of YOU!

What goals did you not accomplish in 2018? Did you come up short in some areas? What are your 2019 goals? As you review your 2018 goals, take notice in what you didn’t accomplish and why. Make the necessary adjustments or improvements for your 2019 goals. One of the biggest issues people run into when setting a goal is thinking of the big picture. Take some time and think about the small steps. Prioritize one or two goals to start the year. Seek out a trusted mentor or person that can hold you accountable.

One of my goals that I am excited about is “Man Monday Motivation” where I will provide inspiration and motivation for men. The first blog post is January 21st.  Share with the men in your life and make sure they subscribe via my blog website http://www.sherillrdavis.com for updates.

We all have a new slate to start this new year. Aim HIGH!

Always SMILE…



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Merry Christmas

Hello, Smiling Faces!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Happy Holidays!  I hope you have a safe, enjoyable and blessed Christmas with family and friends. Christmas is a time of giving and sharing with those around us. This time of year can be especially lonely for many. Extend your giving to those that may be in need or having a difficult time.

Jesus is truly the Reason for the Season…the most wonderful gift of all!

The best gift around the tree is the presence of family and friends. Spread your love!

Always SMILE…



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Courage to Imagine

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a great week thus far! What are you brave enough to imagine for your life? Imagine the possibilities right in front of you. Our thoughts, actions and words are important.

We have the potential to be a tower of confidence and faith. Our faith is so important. We have to maintain courage to do more and have more in life. I had to start by being thankful for the good that was already happening in my life. Sometimes, we are so eager for the next best thing, that we can’t fully embrace the now. For every little thing you have, notice it with a grateful heart and mind. We create our life experiences through our way of thinking.

It is important to be very clear when you imagine what you want to manifest in your life. Ignite your courage and create the life you desire to have. Have the courage to imagine your highest and best in the world.

Sometimes, it is hard to quiet the mind. We intake so much on a daily basis that can cloud our thinking and judgement.

Practice the below key tips as you wind down over the next few days. A racing mind will not bring you a restful sleep.

1. Relax: Close your eyes. Relax, breathe deeply and let go of outer concerns.

2. Concentrate: Quiet your mind.

3. Meditate & Give Thanks: With an open mind, have a receptive heart. Be at peace.

Be Grateful!

Always SMILE…









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Hello, Smiling Faces!

Happy Friday! It’s been a long week. Throw your hands in the air if you are excited for the weekend!!

Over the last couple of days, I shared the below message on Social Media:

#ManMondayMotivation EXCITED! After being approached respectfully by men, inquiring about attending my “When Passion Meets Purpose” workshops, I decided to break the mold of perception, in welcoming men as well. Hold Tight…2019 is on it’s way & I also have a surprise to share VERY soon! 💛

Recently, in reviewing my blog statistics and followers, I noticed many men reading and following my Inspirational Blog. As a result, I decided to add a Creative Spin to my blog and dedicate the Third Monday of each month to “Man Monday” in providing inspiration and motivation to men on many different topics.

I am eager and excited to bring forth new, creative content for men and will continue to bring monthly inspiration to my loyal followers and those that take an interest in reading my blog.

THANK YOU, for supporting me over the last few years! 🧡 Please share with others and subscribe today at www.sherillrdavis.com

First Post – January 21, 2019

I am so grateful for the support, feedback and questions from men regarding this new endeavor. MAN MONDAY MOTIVATION, will consist of a monthly blog post (Third Monday of each month) of inspiration and motivation to men. Over the next couple of months, I will be sharing as we approach the date above. Let’s finish STRONG!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Always SMILE…


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Take Charge, NOW

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Happy Monday! It’s a new week and I am still on a “Birthday High” from this past week/weekend! The rule is to celebrate the entire month of your birthday, right?!

Can you believe we are here at the holiday season? We often become consumed with the hustle and bustle of life, but do you stop for a moment to take care of you? Are you taking charge of your life? Are you procrastinating on living life on purpose? Get out of your way and take charge, NOW! Are you allowing fear to suck your days away? Make yourself a priority today. Take some time and learn you.

For me, this was key to knowing my strengths and weaknesses. Often, we catch ourselves thinking and saying when we have more time; but truth be told, we have the time we need, we just need to evaluate where we are spending it.

How many times have you contemplated starting a project or new endeavor, only to talk yourself out of it? Many times, we limit ourselves from accomplishing goals and dreams, out of fear. Fear cripples our success. Fear will paralyze our future. I made the decision to not allow fear to hold me back and you can do the same.

Did you know that the winter months often create sadness and mild depression? Ignite your happiness and be surrounded by the sunshine of others. Fill your life with smiles and laughter and be around those that make you feel joyful.

Do you find yourself sluggish when it comes to execution? Motivation allows for you to get things started and make things happen. If you find your motivation decreasing, your energy level may be at zero or you are just not motivated at all. Do you find yourself procrastinating on your to-do list? Life happens. Circumstances happen. The key is to attempt to remain motivated and positive.

Motivation has to occur within. Monitor your thoughts and be aware of the negative thoughts you may be thinking. Success doesn’t happen overnight. To remain motivated, you must visualize the end result or goal, as the greatest opportunity that you just mastered!

Today, is a NEW day! It’s time to have a NEW mindset, NEW focus, NEW intentions and to aim towards NEW results! The power of imagination makes us limitless!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Always SMILE…


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Happy November

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Happy November! Wow! Did I just say that?! It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of the year. Well… hold on a second! It’s MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Yes, November 15th is a special day! Where are my SCORPIOSsssss?!

November is my favorite month, but also the start of the holiday season. A time to reflect and be thankful, fellowship more with family and friends, and enjoy the season of holiday cheer. With so much going on in the world today, it is so important to show compassion. Our world is hurting and grieving. Honestly, it can be very overwhelming. So much tragedy and harm are impacting so many lives.

As we approach the holiday season, be mindful of those that may be experiencing tragedy or a difficult time. Extend a smile or cheerful conversation. Don’t forget to stop and take a moment to appreciate the things you are most thankful for.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Always SMILE…




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