Be Fearlessly Authentic

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Happy Saturday! Authenticity is being true to yourself, regardless of the competitive noise around you. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Be true to you. There is no reward for being like your neighbor. There is a purpose inside of you. How may times have you heard the word authentic? Whether it is related to goods, services, or branding. It speaks to being the “real” deal – no copycat!  Of course, we all admire those around us, but be uniquely confident in your own abilities.

I know many ladies doing wonderful things that I admire and always in a position to be supportive. Encourage the women in your life. There is room enough for all of us to shine in our purpose and talents. Be who you are called to be and do it well! Tap into your vision, aspirations, dreams, and goals. Be empowered.

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see the real you, or someone you would like to be? Embrace who you are.  It requires a lot of strength and courage to be genuine in your own space.

I LOVE who I am! When I discovered my true purpose, gifts, and talents, I chose to be unstoppable!! Be confident. Be Humble. Your gifts will make room for you…share those with the world!

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Take Charge

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Happy Wednesday! Are you taking charge of your life? Are you procrastinating on living your life on purpose? Get out of your way and take charge NOW! Are you allowing fear to suck your days away? Make yourself a priority today. Start with small changes that you know you have been sleeping on. Take some time and learn you. For me, this was key to knowing my strengths and weaknesses. Get in a quiet place and be true to you. The good and the bad.

The days are not getting shorter and the months are sweeping by. Make the best of your life and appreciate each day.

Below are a few tips on how to take charge NOW:

1. Make a list of what you are avoiding and the reasons why.

2. Let go of YOUR expectations. Opportunities may be at your fingertips.

3. Take Responsibility.

4. Live Life.

5. Focus on executing FAITH over FEAR.

FEAR is the biggest drawback for not taking charge of your life. Your goals and dreams will remain stagnant, if you do not take charge NOW!

Always SMILE…


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Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful week! How about this cool, crisp weather? I am so ready for fall!

Over the last few weeks, the word FOCUS continuously attacked my brain. As women, we juggle many responsibilities inside and outside of the home, family time, work projects, and personal projects. I have had to remain encouraged for personal sanity.  There are personal achievements and goals we have for ourselves and sometimes it can be hard to manage and balance. Focusing on many things takes time and in some cases, discouragement can creep in.

Know what actually matters. Be honest with yourself on what you can and cannot commit to.  Pick two or three tasks that requires commitment and focus. Stick to those and plan ahead. Preparation is key!

Here are a few quick points, that I shared in a blog post in 2016, that is still relevant on today…with some added tips.

F – Finish It. Whatever dream or goal you have for 2017, finish it. Carve out some time during the day to meditate, write, and focus. Motivation and determination is key.

O – Opportunities. Embrace opportunities that will allow you to gain understanding and experience in the area you are focused on. Do not take for granted the small opportunities.

C – Celebrate. Celebrate the milestones along the way. Small steps are just as important as big steps and will allow you the motivation to achieve the huge victory.

U – Understand. What are you trying to achieve? Why? Search out sites or links that focus on what you are trying to accomplish to provide guidance along the way.

S – Stay Determined. Stay Hungry for what you are trying to achieve. Get advice from trusted individuals. Link up with a mentor to help you stay on track.

Encourage yourself and do not give up. If you stay committed, you will break down the barriers and overcome the obstacles. FOCUS!

Always SMILE…


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Faith Over Fear

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Happy Friday! The weekend is here. Do you have a fear of failure? Whether it is personally or professionally, we will experience this during our lifetime. Everyone fails in life. We all make mistakes. Our mistakes, are learning curves expanding us to grow. We must embrace mistakes, by acknowledging them and moving on. I’ve been there and we often want to waddle in our failures, instead of examining the choices we made to prevent them from happening again.

Before you can begin to overcome fear, you have to identify and understand what thoughts generate your fear. Failure has a way of making us feel helpless or defeated. It causes us to be stressed and full of anxiety. When we fail, we learn. Taking responsibility is about growth. Failure allows for you to redefine your priorities in life. You soon realize what matters most.

The most successful people in life experienced numerous setbacks. Often stating, it allowed for them to be successful. Failure is a stepping stone, that we all must cross. Think back over a time that you experienced failure. How did you feel? Hopefully, there were some key points that allowed for you to make some adjustments. Was it a teachable moment?

Whenever you feel fear creeping in, immediately begin to reflect on positive things.  Change your perspective on fear to being grateful. Don’t focus so much on the negative, but look to options to create a positive perspective.

Journaling is a way for you to write out your fears and track those triggers closely. When you take action and face those fears, you are positioning yourself towards overcoming obstacles that are keeping you in bondage.

Life is designed for us to grow. Once you completely understand what failure is and why we must experience it, you will open your mind and heart to experience the journey to success.

Always SMILE…


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Back To School Ready

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What a wonderful week it has been! I enjoyed serving and attending The Life Church Axis Nation Youth Conference on this week here in Memphis, TN! Our son is still talking and sharing his experiences and opportunity to beautify our city in a BIG Serve Day!

Well…School Is Back In Session!  The first day of school here is this upcoming Monday, but for many in other states, it was this week. We have a Seventh Grader on our hands!

As parents, we have to ensure we have our child’s best interest at heart. Most importantly, our participation and ability to listen and recognize their needs are important. It starts at home. There are so many ways we can get involve to ensure their success.

Below are a few tips to engage you and your child, towards a successful school year ahead:

1. Plan. Prepare each day ahead and for after school time to engage in your child’s school work, homework and activities. Remove distractions. Make it clear that education is a top priority in your family. Show interest and praise your child’s work.

2. Get your child to bed on time. During the summer, children aren’t always on schedule. Proper rest is essential for a productive and healthy school year.

3. Communicate with teachers and the school. Contact your child’s teacher at the start of the new school year. Get acquainted with them and engage in your child’s learning. Plan to keep track of your child’s progress, subjects, homework and activities.

4. Volunteer. If possible, plan to volunteer in your child ‘s classroom at least periodically throughout the year. Participation in activities is a good way to develop a relationship with your child’s teachers and classmates. Most teachers welcome occasional parent assistance even if you cannot volunteer regularly.

5. Celebrate your child’s achievements. Be mindful of barriers your child has overcome throughout the year. Every child learn at a different pace and should be congratulated on their efforts.

Many Blessings for a New School Year!

Always SMILE…


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You Are Enough

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You. Are. Enough. Have you ever second guessed yourself or questioned your abilities? Have you been in a position where you felt not good enough? We all have been there at some point in time. I mean, it is so easy to be critical of our own self-worth. TODAY, NO MORE! I want you to start supporting yourself in words, in compliments, and in self-care.

Learn to trust yourself and know that YOU ARE ENOUGH! This does not mean that you go out and remove all your trusted family and friends from your support circle, but simply to take ownership in being happy with who you are. If there are self changes that need to be made to strengthen your confidence, do it. There is no such thing as being perfect. We all have flaws, but make a personal commitment that you are enough and don’t let anyone tell you anything differently.

You are enough means that you are capable to change, grow, and be your authentic self. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. You have something unique to share with others – Your God-Given Purpose.

Always SMILE…


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Make It Happen

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Make It Happen! Embarking on a new journey or task can cause you to be full of fear and anxiety. Surrender your fear and make it happen. Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen – Make it Happen!

Have you experienced a dream where it felt like a reality? So vividly the details are played out and you wake up to a dream. In most cases, I am sure you discounted the dream in fear that it would not come to pass, right? That’s where you just allowed fear to step in. Get out some paper, start writing, and visualize it becoming a reality. You have to SEE it to BELIEVE it! Anyone can dream a dream, but making it come true requires perseverance and commitment. And don’t foget your action plan!

We are the main obstacles to our success in life or to making a difference in the lives of others. If you have a goal, you have to change your attitude and develop habits that are going to get you there to excel. Start saying NO to things that will lead you away from your goals and dreams. Surround yourself with people that will inspire and empower you. Declutter your mind from negativity and embrace positivity.

Be Intentional. Gain Clarity. Take Action.

Always SMILE…




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