The Signs of Bullying

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Parents…Guardians…Students…Are you aware of bullying? Do you know the signs? In the news, conversations with our children, or for that matter, conversations amongst adults you hear about bullying. Lately in the news and on social media, children are taking their life because of bullying. Bullying is a growing, serious problem and not just to one specific race or gender. Bullying can have short or long-term challenges.

Bullying is behavior by the use of force, abuse, threat, or other aggressive behaviors. There are four types of bullying – emotional, verbal, physical, and cyber. Bullying in school or the workplace can lead to low self-esteem, loneliness, depression, and even illness. Many suicide attempts and cases with children involve bullying. Cyber bullying is a big issue. Strong racial comments, threats, or acts of hatred can be linked to bullying. Bullying with adults, normally involve abusive comments or harsh verbal communication.

Showing signs of bullying isn’t just at the middle or high school level. Bullying is impacting youth in kindergarten as well. Teasing and spreading rumors are very harsh in nature. If you know of someone that is being bullied, speak to an adult or higher authority.

Parents, it is very important that you talk with your child who may show signs of bullying. Listen to your child. Be supportive. Be alert. Be engaged.

Here are a few signs of bullying:

– Socially withdrawn
– Fear by peers
– Decreased self-esteem
– Declining grades
– Difficulty sleeping, frequent headaches, changes in eating habits

Many internet sites can provide extensive information on bullying. Know the facts. Say No To Bullying!

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Can you believe we are a couple of weeks away from Christmas?! The traffic is heavy and the stores are packed! During his time of year, it is so important to practice self-care. Perfect time of year to place this on your priority list. Are you productive or just busy? Are you always saying yes, when your body is saying no? It’s okay to say no. You can’t be everything to everybody. Now, don’t get me wrong; there are some obligations and activities that you have to attend, that may require expedited attention. I am speaking of those spare of the moment events and times changes, that just may leave you stressed out in trying to fulfill.

Being productive is more important than being busy. Do you plan ahead? Or just embrace the moment? Planning and preparation allows for consistency and not feeling overwhelmed. Protect Your Energy.

How do you practice self-care? For me, I enjoy reading and relaxation….and a good spa day! As much travel as I do for my career and commitment to business obligations, I make sure I always partake in some “me” time. Enjoying family time, eating healthy, and exercise allows for maintaining  positive energy. Are you welcoming negativity in your life? Surround yourself with positive people. By giving ourselves a little compassion, we are able to embrace those friendships and relationships with a happy attitude and a SMILE!

Here are a few additional tips to practicing self-care:

– Know Your Purpose

– Express Gratitude/Journaling

– Stress Less

– Declutter Your Mind And Space

– Mini Stay-cation

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to take a moment, to let you know how thankful I am for having you as a subscriber to my blog. Thank You for supporting me and my business. I truly enjoy empowering and inspiring you on a weekly basis. I appreciate you and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and Blessed Weekend!

Many Blessings to you and your family!

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Take Charge – Finish Strong

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I hope you had a wonderful week! Well, I surely did…celebrating MY BIRTHDAY!! I plan to celebrate ALL month! (LOL)  It’s hard to believe we are approaching Thanksgiving. While driving on last night, I noticed Christmas decorations already in full bloom.

Although, we have less than 45 days remaining in 2017, you still have time to finish this year strong.  Don’t procrastinate. Seek out what interests you. I was recommended to join a 6Week Mastermind Group, by one of John Maxwell’s Certified Results Coach and I am loving it thus far and the material. We are reading the book “Becoming A Person Of Influence” with study material. We all are vast in knowledge and it is good to link up with other professionals while learning on this journey. Always invest in continued learning.

Are you tired of putting your happiness on hold? Whether we know it or not, we often avoid making changes because we are afraid. I’ve been there. Fear is natural, but you have to want to make changes to better yourself. Don’t get comfortable with mediocre. You can have and live your best life now, but you have to take action for YOU. Your happiness is worth it.

Make yourself a priority. You can’t build someone else’s dream and sleep on your dream. Start with small steps and watch how things begin to turn around. You have to step out on faith, even if you are told no. Failure will come. It’s part of life. If you can overcome the obstacles, you will appreciate your future success.

Find inspiration in your own life. Spread that same excitement to those around you. It warms my heart to hear feedback on how I’ve encouraged or inspired someone. Someone inspired me to take a leap of faith and tackle my goals and dreams.

Be open to change. Being open to change, allows for growth in your life. Take action. Do something that you will be proud of. Leave a lasting legacy for those coming behind you.

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Happy November

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Happy November!! It’s MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!  Yes, I am OVERLY excited and I’ve been for the last several days!

On this past Saturday, I had my first Women’s Empowerment Workshop (Sold Out) – When Passion Meets Purpose 2017 and it was a success! Just so overly grateful and thankful for the atmosphere on that day. To hear the encouraging words and inspiration from many, on how I’ve inspired and encouraged them, truly warms my heart. It was very moving and touching for me. Seeing the pictures and social media sharing of how I inspired them and how they were touched by the atmosphere and the workshop fuels my heart.

At the end of the day, what we share with others is what’s important. Helping someone along the way is service and I want to do my part. We all can make a difference and I am already brainstorming on future events.

It’s a new month and this year is almost over…BUT you have time to captivate on your goals and dreams. Don’t sit on your purpose. Share your story. Don’t allow yourself to feel defeated. Get up and SHOW UP NOW! Stop making excuses. Turn off the television and avoid the distractions.


Always SMILE…




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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday!

Make it a Blessed Week!


Always SMILE…



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Be Fearlessly Authentic

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Happy Saturday! Authenticity is being true to yourself, regardless of the competitive noise around you. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Be true to you. There is no reward for being like your neighbor. There is a purpose inside of you. How may times have you heard the word authentic? Whether it is related to goods, services, or branding. It speaks to being the “real” deal – no copycat!  Of course, we all admire those around us, but be uniquely confident in your own abilities.

I know many ladies doing wonderful things that I admire and always in a position to be supportive. Encourage the women in your life. There is room enough for all of us to shine in our purpose and talents. Be who you are called to be and do it well! Tap into your vision, aspirations, dreams, and goals. Be empowered.

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see the real you, or someone you would like to be? Embrace who you are.  It requires a lot of strength and courage to be genuine in your own space.

I LOVE who I am! When I discovered my true purpose, gifts, and talents, I chose to be unstoppable!! Be confident. Be Humble. Your gifts will make room for you…share those with the world!

Always SMILE…




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