Sunday Motivation

Hello, Smiling Faces!

We have cool temps here in Memphis! I can dig it! It’s been raining the last couple of days, but I will not complain. It’s certainly needed with the hot temps here lately.

Are You Ready? Ummm…not for cooler temps, but to embrace this week with INTENTION! I start preparing for the week ahead with intention. I am sure we all have those days, where we wish Sundays had a pause button. If you know what you need to do ahead of time, you may find yourself a little more productive.

How do you prepare for the week ahead? The start of a new week can be a little hectic, so it is very important to take a few moments of quiet time and meditate. Meditation allows for us to transform our minds into a positive state.  Silence is a wonderful thing! No interruptions. Just a few minutes in a quiet environment.

My challenge to you on this evening, is to take 15 minutes in a quiet environment and meditate.

Have a wonderful, blessed week!

Always SMILE…




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Hello, Smiling Faces!

Well…it feels like fall is in the air, but temps are set to be back in the 80’s by mid-week! Let’s just enjoy this cool breeze and be happy! Today, is a day to remember…9/11. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families, affected by such an awful tragedy, 17 years ago.

Are you living or just existing? One thing for certain, is that time is a resource we can’t get back. It’s time out for settling for excuses and push forward to make things happen. After many setbacks, family deaths, talking myself out of dreams and goals, I realized that I wanted to do more than just live. I want to LIVE on “Purpose” leaving a Lasting Legacy! Your attitude is everything and can be your stumbling block to remaining stagnant, if you are not careful. Living is having the right attitude, experiencing opportunities and creating new ones. It’s taking full advantage of experiences and investing in yourself. Don’t settle.  It creates a life partially lived.

Let’s talk about just “existing” in life. I seriously think that one of the scariest thoughts that anyone can have is that they are just moving along in life, not living. I’ve been there and sure we all have. Do you experience negative thoughts? I’ve learned that doubt will stop your from living and you will suddenly find yourself existing. It holds you back from living and enjoying life. You also have to get rid of the negative influences and energy around you. Life is not perfect. You will have to live through the good and the bad times. Trust me. We often live to please others whether it’s family, friends, or a spouse…but what about your happiness? In the end, we are left feeling defeated. Take those chains off and LIVE!

Take a moment and think about the passionate people you may know? I know quite a few. How would you describe the way they live their life? Typically, we see them passionate about people, enjoying life moments, growing and encouraging others. They may fall on hard times, but make an effort to bounce back and regroup.  I have a doctor friend that regardless of the longggg hours at the office and caring for family, she always find the time to give back to those in need for FREE, even on the weekends.  She routinely find ways through her podcast to inspire and encourage others.

We all have extremely hectic schedules at times with families, activities and job requirements, but make sure you are doing something to fuel you. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take a moment and recharge. September is the month where I am doing exactly that. A month of Self-Care for myself. I am investing in ME; from a little pampering, reading books, attending growth webinars and sessions, Connect Groups, and fueling my soul.  Operating in your passion and purpose is contagious! Always make sure you are pouring into yourself, while pouring into others.

If you are not living the life you want, you owe it to yourself to find out why. We can always use a little help to navigate towards discovering our unique abilities, talents and gifts. Why just live to exist, live a life filled with positive growth. I love to travel and discovering new ways to visit places I haven’t been and to experience new things. Crossing off the bucket list! 


When was the last time you embarked on something you were passionate about? Life is not a race. Live intentionally and do not become complacent. Live in those precious moments, even if you don’t have photos to share. (Smile) Sometimes, we are so focused on capturing the moment when it should be enjoyed.

LIVE YOUR LIFE in such a way that you don’t just see things, but you truly experience them.


Always SMILE…









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OWN IT – Book Review

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I had a wonderful Saturday here in Memphis at my 5th “When Passion Meets Purpose” Workshop! Memphis was my first stop, last year October 2017 and decided to have a second session. It’s been an awesome, blessed adventure going from city to city and it “ain’t over” yet! (LOL) I am so grateful for this journey and vision God gave me.

I wanted to give a quick review on this book, “Like She Owns The Place”… what an Awesome read! It will definitely be in rotation again. I am always a student and willing to learn more. This book is all about your confidence and owning the season you are in, while taking risks and making it happen! There were soooo many pointers I took away from this book. I also realized that I often shared some of the same pointers with my clients and during previous workshops. 

A few thoughts:

1. Trust Your Intuition. This is your God-Given Superpower. Don’t dismiss it. Listen to your gut.

2. Are you comfortable, or are you happy? Check yourself daily.  Get beyond your comfort zone and stretch yourself. Your attitude determines your altitude.

3. Do something you love everyday. Be Grateful. Pursue your passions and live on purpose. Now, you know I am ALL for this! A ritual for me!

4. There is no “idea” formula for success. It’s hard work and perseverance daily. Plan and Pursue.

5. Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. Tap into your “Inner Muse”…Read The Book!

Now, this is NOT a complete book review, but hopefully enough for you to kick it in gear and IGNITE your inner magic…just in case you need an energy boost! Make sure you check out this book!

Have a Blessed week!

Always SMILE…


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It’s A New Week

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Whatever you are facing today, remember you can handle this! You are equipped and prepared. Keep going, keep moving, keep hoping!

Just wanted to send you a quick word of encouragement.

Always SMILE…


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Back To School Ready

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Well…School Is Back In Session!  The first day of school here in Memphis, is this upcoming Monday. We have an Eighth Grader on our hands! Time flies and I am not ready for this! I miss those diaper days, beginning to spell his name days and everything in between! (Tears)

As parents and/or guardians, we have to ensure we have our child’s best interest at heart. Most importantly, our participation and ability to listen and recognize their needs are important. It starts at home. There are so many ways we can get involve to ensure their success. Emphasize the positive things about going back to school, such as meeting new classmates and getting involved in new activities, but also remember to offer encouragement and motivation in areas where there may be a concern.

Below are a few tips to engage you and your children towards a successful school year ahead:

1. Plan. Prepare each day ahead and for after school time to engage in your child’s school work, homework and activities. Remove distractions. Make it clear that education is a top priority in your family. Show interest and praise your child’s work.

2. Get your child to bed on time. During the summer, children aren’t always on schedule. Proper rest is essential for a productive and healthy school year.

3. Communicate with teachers and the school. Contact your child’s teacher at the start of the new school year. Get acquainted with them and engage in your child’s learning. Plan to keep track of your child’s progress, subjects, homework and activities.

4. Volunteer. If possible, plan to volunteer in your child ‘s classroom at least periodically throughout the year. Participation in activities will develop a relationship with your child’s teachers and classmates. Most teachers welcome occasional parent assistance even if you cannot volunteer regularly.

5. Celebrate your child’s achievements. Be mindful of barriers your child has overcome throughout the year. Every child learn at a different pace and should be congratulated on their efforts.

A little preparation before the big day can make a world of difference. Be compassionate, be firm and nurture your children daily.

Many Blessings for a New School Year!

Always SMILE…


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What are you most grateful for?

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Hope you are having a wonderful week thus far. I am up burning the late night “work” oil! Yep, a late night in the making.

What are you most grateful for? We often take for granted the many things that most deserve our gratitude. How often do you pause to value and appreciate what you have? Some days things don’t go as planned. When things unexpectedly goes wrong, what do you do? How do you react?

I have a challenge for you. Take the next three days and write down each day, what you are most grateful for. We tend to focus more on what we are lacking than what we have. Being grateful is a magnet for miracles and a positive attitude. You will notice a shift in your overall happiness. Push yourself and start a gratitude journal. It’s truly part of my lifestyle. I hope that you will continue this challenge past the three days and make it part of your daily routine, if you don’t already do so.

Just wanted to bring some inspiration to carry you through the week.

Have a great rest of the week!

Always SMILE…


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Happy 3rd Anniversary, SRD!

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Happy 3rd Anniversary, SRD Mentoring & Coaching!! Did I just say that?! Wow…Time flies! Three years ago, I decided to take a leap of faith. It was the best decision I ever made. I dreamed about this for soooo many years, but gave myself many excuses, why I couldn’t make it happen. I was helping others build their dreams with their organizations, but fearful to take the steps to accomplish my own. With God and faith, anything is possible!


Today, I feel AWESOME! I am truly living and fulfilling my purpose. Over the past three years, I’ve partnered with organizations, volunteered my services, served my clients and provided resources for my business to grow. Creativity is key! THANK YOU, to my previous and current clients for allowing me to assist in making your goals and dreams come true. Being a small businesss entrepreneur, with a demanding career and family, takes hard work and dedication. Having a balanced life is key.

These past three years, I’ve learned a lot about entrepreneurship. How to deal with clients, how to give and receive feedback professionally, overcoming challenges and barriers, and how to invest in growing my small business. I don’t have all the answers, but below are a few tips for those considering embarking on a new business endeavor or starting a small business.

  1.  Be Grateful. In all things be grateful for your journey. The small wins and the big wins.  A grateful attitude is a magnet for miracles.  Being grateful is an excellent characteristic of leadership. Start a gratitude journal. It will allow for you to maintain positivity even on those trying days, where business may be stagnant. Journaling allowed for me to write down my business goals and plans, which increased my determination and focus to achieve them.
  2. Take Risks. If you don’t take that leap of faith, you will never know the depths you can achieve. Successful entrepreneurship involves taking risks…and a lot of them. It involves planning, strategy and hard work. The scary part is that you don’t know if the risk will pay off, but if you want your business to be successful, risks are necessary. Failure will be apart of your journey. It allows for growth and opportunities. Risks allows for you to think and be innovated.
  3.  Be Creative. Again, creativity is key! You will hear me say this many times. I am always looking for ways to improve my business and stand out from my competition. Rome was not built in a day.  Be intentional with your creativity. “When Passion Meets Purpose” workshops, provided me with an avenue to be creative and successful. Four “Sold Out” city stops and looking forward to many more. Thank You for your support.
  4. Serve Others. If you have a service or product, you are serving others. This should be your primary focus. Service to your clients should always be top priority, on purpose. Your business mission, vision, blue print or plan, should be centered around serving others. I serve my clients through mentoring and coaching services, books and product offerings. I am always making decisions and offering suggestions. If you are in business, you are asking for a financial return, in exchange for your time and energy, BUT money should not be your ultimate goal of being in business. If so, the days of financial lack, will decrease your effort and focus. Your focus should be in ensuring you are maximizing the clients experience. If your heart for business is there, the financial aspect will come, and be much greater than you expected.  Referrals are your biggest blessing!
  5. Be Humble, Be Humble. Yes, I intentionally said it twice. We all will make mistakes in business ownership. We all have that over excitement of growth and prosperity. Everybody falls down in some point in life. Embracing humility is true self-awareness. Be able to recognize your mistakes, apologize and move forward with growth. You are not perfect. Always treat people the way you would want to be treated. Humble yourself.

These five tips provided growth and avenues for me to be successful. We all have our own clear definition of succsss; based on our individual vision, goals, plans and achievements.  I also use these pointers in my everyday life. I have so much more to learn and always willing to be a student.

Again, I truly appreciate ALL your support! Be on the look out for some exciting news in the coming months! Can’t wait to share!

Invest in yourself. Invest in your business. Serve others.

Living My Best Life…On PURPOSE!

Always SMILE…


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