Sherill Speaks

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“Your speech to our students motivated me as an adult to continue to reach for my dreams” ~Educator, Macon Hall Elementary School



Our youth are the future and it is crucial that they get the education and mentoring needed, to help them succeed and reach their highest potential in life.

Igniting and empowering our youth to reach for the stars and create their own image of success, has been and will always be Sherill’s passion.  It is truly her life’s purpose.

Not only does Sherill empower, equip and mentor our youth, but she also encourage the parents and other adults as well.  Her energy and SMILE ignites an atmosphere of motivation and inspiration.




Education to Graduation: Preparing for the next grade level can be challenging.

  •     How to develop a mechanism to educate yourself
  •     Effective Listening
  •     Maximum Learning

Mentoring 101: Mentoring and coaching are designed to strengthen and develop youth, and assist in defining their goals and ways to achieve them.  A mentor shares knowledge and experiences, provides guidance and support to assist in achieving life’s goals and aspirations.

  •   What is Mentoring
  •    Why Mentor
  •    Benefits of Mentoring

Setting Goals to a Better You: Setting goals give your life direction and is an important component to achieving success.

  •   How to define short/long term goals
  •   Overcome barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals
  •   How to effectively execute your plan

Your Vision or Purpose for Your Life: We all have a gift inside of us.  Your personal vision gives meaning and purpose to your life.  Our purpose on earth is to release that vision to help others.

  • Define your Vision or Purpose
  • Define Core Values which your Vision should embody
  • How to go from Vision to Execution

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