When you work with Sherill as your coach, be ready to super charge your life, because she brings that much needed spark, to ignite you into action.

Sherill is a highly motivated and inspirational individual, who is passionate about helping youth and adults. Her guidance and techniques provides tools to be successful, in walking and serving in their purpose.

Through proper preparation and planning, you can thrive and excel to your fullest potential. What’s holding you back? Are you trying to make positive changes, either personal or professionally? YOU determine your future. It’s never to late to live your BEST LIFE NOW!

“You really do motivate and encourage me to enjoy life and experience new and different things!” ~Anonymous


The Coaching Experience: Ready to ignite your life and start your path to greatness.  The Experience includes, but not limited to:

  •    Defining Your Purpose

  •    Creating a Vision for Your Life

  •    Goal Setting

  •    Overcoming Barriers

  •    Paying it Forward: Become a Mentor



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