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Happy May – Stay Positive

Hello, Smiling Faces! Happy May! Are we truly in May!? The months are moving swiftly and the anxiety of calculating what we have not accomplished may creep in. DO NOT allow the negative energy to invade your space. Maintaining positivity is … Continue reading

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Own Your Opportunities

Welcome New Blog Followers! Opportunities. Risks. Leaps Of Faith. Are you Owning Your Opportunities? Owning your opportunities may be very overwhelming with anxiety and fear of the unknown, but opportunities are built, to build you up and take you out … Continue reading

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An Attitude of Gratitude…

Welcome New Blog Followers! Have you taken a moment lately to check your attitude? On a weekly basis, we are faced with many ups and downs of life. Bad moods of anger, good moods of cheer. In either case, a … Continue reading

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