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Hopefully, you are enjoying your weekend!  In this day and time, everything we do appears to be in a hustle and bustle. No patience at the red light. Hurrying through the grocery store. No patience with yourself. Patience in the midst of any process is so important. Patience in the midst of something you are praying for.

There are some things we cannot control. Although we want to speed up time, dreams, and goals we have to endure the process. We have to be patient or we just may miss the blessing, trying to speed up the process.

Patience is truly a virtue. Life presents us with questions, doubt, fear, and problems. Some things are beyond our control, yet we have to find a way to manage through it.

What situations are you trying to control? What process are you avoiding to reach your breakthrough? What goals or dreams have you given up on because you have your “own” appointed time?

Patience requires constant nurturing and self-control.  Hoping for the best while maintaining a positive attitude. Timing is so important and critical. Do not “miss” your opportunity in an attempt to “rush” your timing.

Always SMILE…