About Sherill

Mentoring & Coaching YOU to Greatness

imageWith a vision and passion for helping our youth succeed and mentoring, Sherill has been empowering youth for over 20 years. From college days to present, including working with previous organizations such as My Sister’s Keeper and Young Women Striving for Excellence (YWSE), she strongly advocate for the success of our youth.

Throughout many years of mentoring and coaching; Sherill’s vision, prayer and purpose for her life has always been to start her “OWN” journey.  With God ALL things are possible.  SRD is here!

Not only is she a successful mentor, but an author, motivational speaker, healthcare leader, entrepreneur, magazine editor, pageant judge, inspirational blogger and success coach, with over 17 years of experience in healthcare management and leadership.

Sherill earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration and Planning from Tennessee State University.  She also earned a Master of Science in Health Services Administration, Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of St. Francis and has been employed with UnitedHealthcare for the past 12 years.  Sherill currently holds the position, Mid-South Manager, Clinical Quality Programs, HealthPlan Lead – Medicare & Retirement and an active leadership role in HEDIS and STAR Effectiveness. She also serves on the Tennessee Cultural Competency Subcommittee, UHN Intern Program Committee Member and Culture Ambassador for UnitedHealthcare. Sherill is also the Founder, SMILE ON THE MOVE and creator of “When Passion Meets Purpose” workshop.

Sherill is a Certified John C. Maxwell Leadership trainee, “Becoming A Person Of Influence” former board member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis (8 Years) and former National Youth Ambassador of Xcellence, Inc.

Sherill is passionate about inspiring individuals to walk and serve in their purpose.  From a casual conversation to social media posts, her energy ignites an atmosphere of motivation and inspiration.  Her SMILE is her trademark, where positive energy flows from one to another.

She encourages youth and adults to reach for the stars in every walk of life.  Her vision is to empower and ignite them to reach their fullest potential.  From the boardroom to the classroom, small groups to church events, Sherill strives to encourage everyone, to not allow barriers, to hold them back; to reach for their goals with prayer, energy and daily motivation.  She charges every youth and adult to “Create Your Own Image” as we all are unique, in our own way.

Sherill is a proud native of Brownsville, TN.  She currently resides outside of Memphis, TN with her husband and son and are members of The Life Church of Memphis, TN.

Sherill’s Philosophy:

Keep Dreaming, Keep Believing and Always SMILE.

Each day we all should strive to be better than the person we were yesterday. Your future vision or goal is one dream away from preparation, planning and making it a reality.


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