Mentoring Matters

“A mentor allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” ~Oprah Winfrey



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“Never lose your smile, it warms the room.” ~Brian Dobbins, Current CEO Aetna BetterHealth

“You are always encouraging me and for that I am grateful.” ~Charnetrice C.

“You have really helped me in so many ways with positive direction.  I want to be just like you when I grow up.” ~Mentee Sydney

“Sherill, you made my cup overflow with joy!  I just want you and the rest of the world to know that you are a special jewel and we appreciate you so much. The Lord always place special people in your life and you are truly one of them.” ~Teresa C.

“You are truly an asset to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis. ” ~Antonio Harris, Club Director, Porter Goodwill Branch

“You are a Pioneer on the move to greater things.” ~Anonymous

“This is your gift, operate in IT.” ~Sheronda G.

“I have an interview today for a management position at my current job @ 2pm.  I just wanted to let you know your encouraging posts got me to this point.  Thanks for being a great leader.” ~Anonymous




18 Responses to Home

  1. Tambra Askew-Woodson says:

    I love reading inspiration blogs from inspiring people. Currently I ‘m still seeking to find my purpose. I don’t know exactly what I’m good at doing because I enjoy and love doing so many things.


    • Sherill says:

      Thank You for the feedback. What do you like to do? What fuels your heart and energy? I have a few openings for coaching “The Coaching Experience” this year. Send me a contact form via my website, if this appeals to you.


  2. Delphine Newsum says:

    It is very befitting that you would write a book entitled, Smile. Your smile is infectious and illuminates the spirits of so many.. If ever there was an authority on the subject, you are it! I can’t wait to read your book. 😁


  3. terri says:

    How do I find a mentor?


  4. Juanita Martin says:

    I have been motivated since our conversation. God has truly given you a listening ear and a gift for the youth. Keep motivating.


  5. Rochel Darby says:

    Hello! Looking forward to reading your book soon! Have an awesome day!!


  6. Diane Reid says:

    Sherill, congratulations on your new endeavor, you are an inspiration and a wonder to so many, truly God has his anointing on your life to be a blessing in the earth, especially towards our youth of today . Continue to walk by faith and follow God’s Spirit.


  7. Lakesha S. says:

    You have a beautiful spirit!


  8. Madeline Taylor says:

    Again, you have given me another reason to thank GOD for you. Sherill, I know God has favor on your life and I am so very Blessed to say you are my daughter. JOY just elates me when I see God working thru you to empower others. Continue to keep the doors of communication open so that you can continue to hear his word. Love you always!!


  9. Brenda Walker says:

    You are greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved!!! Congratulations my friend…SRD!!!🎉


  10. ShaRonda Foster says:

    Words cannot express the joy that I feel for your success! Keep up the great work!



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