It’s Time to Recharge for 2020!

Hello, Smiling Faces!

I missed you guys! I have been away for a short time, but let me tell you, it was the BEST and so necessary! How often do you hit the reset button? I meannnn… to truly hit the reset button with a recharge? Well… I did!

It’s okay to step away and be in a quiet space, to gather your thoughts and reflect. I took the time to do just that prior to my birthday, and truth be told, I didn’t think I could.  I was off Social Media for 30 days! I’ve stepped away for a week or so in the past, but not for that length of time. I was focused on rejuvenating myself, time with family…and ohhhh doing some bucket list stuff! I truly enjoyed celebrating my birthday with family and friends, with the phone placed to the side. I enjoyed  memorable moments, without the rush of a photo moment!

Thirty days away from Social Media is not a long time, but hey, let’s be honest. I love pictures, posting inspirational quotes and following those that inspire me and give me a good laugh every once in awhile. I needed to work on my Inner-Self. Some serious Self-Care and still in that mode. I did receive calls and messages checking on me. I guess I was missed. Thank You!

With so much going on from personal, professional and business aspects of life, I needed to step away to just be quiet and focus on a few things. My battery was running on fumes. Not that I was “busy” but doing “productive” things, where I was spending too much time on Social Media platforms and losing focus on what was important. Be mindful of how you feed your soul. I will continue to take these breaks and you should as well.

Some of you are dealing with a dead battery. You have allowed your dreams to be dead based on fear, insecurities, negative outlook on life, comparing yourself to others or not making yourself a priority.  You wake up every day with a dull, sluggish attitude. You rarely smile, laugh, say something positive or you have lost your will to be happy. I knew if I wanted change for my life, I had to look in the mirror and MOVE. Move with goals, prayers, motivation, dedication and the will to NOT GIVE UP! I needed a Sherill Break!

Where and what are your priorities? Taking care of you is not selfish; it is vital for your well-being and success. Some of you may have families, taking care of loved ones, working two full-time jobs to pay for school, or just stuck in a negative situation. Taking care of you will strengthen your attention to be a better person for yourself and those around you.

Christmas is a week away! Most people will be off from work or school enjoying some off days during the holidays. This is a perfect time to step away and recharge. Trust me, I will be doing this as well!

Here are a few tips to begin your recharge:

  1. Breath: Take a deep breath. Relax.
  2. Reflect: Reflect on 2019. What achievements or milestones did you reach? Don’t rush to perrrfffectttt 2020.
  3. Imagine: Look at everything with an open mind. Avoid being judgemental or critical. Possibilities are everywhere. Be Intentional.
  4. Share: Spend time with family and friends. Disconnect from your phone and enjoy each moment.
  5. Be THANKFUL. We all have so much to be thankful for.

Happy Holidays and Many Blessings for 2020! I have a few things on radar to share very soon! It’s going to be an AWESOME 2020!

Always SMILE…


About Sherill SMILEs

Hello, Smiling Faces! I hope my blog of inspiration and motivation will empower you to LIVE out your passion and purpose for your life. Always SMILE! Thanks for reading and following!
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