March Into A New Mindset

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Happy March! Did I just say that? This is the last month of the first quarter. What happened to January and February?! March is here! Soon, we will be captivated by flowers blooming, birds chirping, the happiness of a new season and celebrating Women’s Month, but there is a slight chance of snow this weekend. Let’s watch and see!

Over the last couple of months, many adapted to embracing new endeavors, eating healthy, and exercising regularly, but how often do we think of changing our mindset?
In most cases, it starts with a decision. A decision to change our thoughts, patterns and actions. I’m totally on board for changing the way I approach and react towards things. I am truly adapting to the mantra, “Protect Your Energy” because it all starts with how you react and respond. Don’t give in to always having to respond with the same energy, or behavior brought to you; especially the negative side of things. Keep peace and joy in your heart. Have Faith. Embrace Hope. Spread Love.

Your mindset affects the energy you give off, which controls the energy you receive. Hopefully, you have written down goals and dreams for this year, that will also require having a strong mindset to make those a reality. Don’t focus all your time on the long term resolution, but actively putting in the work consistently will offer you maximum results. It’s so easy to jump five steps and miss the message at step two. Consistency will elevate you.

What mindset shift will you embrace? Will it be to change the way you think about fitness, goals or time management? Your ultimate decision will require dedication and motivation. Focus on the positive aspect and not the negative nuisances. Keep in mind, that life will sometimes get in the way of our best plans. Whatever the goal or desire may be, we should always see ourselves achieving them.

Here are a few tips to changing your mindset:

– Shape Your Mindset With A Vision And Specific Goals

– Practice Positive Affirmations

– Be Confident In Your Abilities To Excel

Focusing on the positive aspects helps us to feel more engaged and empowered. Cultivate the habit of being grateful for where you are in life.

Always SMILE…


About Sherill SMILEs

Hello, Smiling Faces! I hope my blog of inspiration and motivation will empower you to LIVE out your passion and purpose for your life. Always SMILE! Thanks for reading and following!
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2 Responses to March Into A New Mindset

  1. Madeline Taylor says:

    Thanks for sharing. Positive information.




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