Take Responsibility

Hello, Smiling Faces!

Happy Saturday! The weather is beautiful! I completed a morning run soaking up some needed sunshine. Officially, we are in a new year! 2019 is here!

It’s time to take responsibility for your life…full circle. The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life, you will feel empowered. When you own what’s happening in your life, you can really start to shape your future. What role do you play in your life? Actions? Choices? This will truly lead you to becoming more accountable. Accountability is crucial in having a good relationship with people around you, as well as with yourself. We all are responsible for our actions and what we impose on others. In sharing some positive light, make sure you celebrate your successes and wins in life. You have to take responsibility for your happiness.  Celebrate yourself!

In taking responsibility for your life, you are the driver of your journey. You are in the driver’s seat. It’s important to know your limits and boundaries. This will prevent you from taking responsibility for what you can’t control.

Here are a few ways you can take responsibility for your life:

1. Stop complaining. Complaining is a sure way of being the victim.  Not all things will go as plan. Don’t blame others, take responsibility. Make the necessary changes and adjust.

2. Make yourself happy. In most cases, it’s the small things. Do what makes you happy. Take responsibility for your happiness. Happiness is an inside job. Keep a gratitude journal and reflect on all the things you are grateful for.

3. Live now. Live in the present moment. Take responsibility for this moment and cherish everything. Don’t focus on the past. Create what you can be proud of. Crush those goals with confidence. Make those dreams come true!

Be intentional about everything. Have a vision for your life, your family, your friendships, your career/business, your health, etc.

Always SMILE…




About Sherill SMILEs

Hello, Smiling Faces! I hope my blog of inspiration and motivation will empower you to LIVE out your passion and purpose for your life. Always SMILE! Thanks for reading and following!
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