Back To School Ready

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What a wonderful week it has been! I enjoyed serving and attending The Life Church Axis Nation Youth Conference on this week here in Memphis, TN! Our son is still talking and sharing his experiences and opportunity to beautify our city in a BIG Serve Day!

Well…School Is Back In Session!  The first day of school here is this upcoming Monday, but for many in other states, it was this week. We have a Seventh Grader on our hands!

As parents, we have to ensure we have our child’s best interest at heart. Most importantly, our participation and ability to listen and recognize their needs are important. It starts at home. There are so many ways we can get involve to ensure their success.

Below are a few tips to engage you and your child, towards a successful school year ahead:

1. Plan. Prepare each day ahead and for after school time to engage in your child’s school work, homework and activities. Remove distractions. Make it clear that education is a top priority in your family. Show interest and praise your child’s work.

2. Get your child to bed on time. During the summer, children aren’t always on schedule. Proper rest is essential for a productive and healthy school year.

3. Communicate with teachers and the school. Contact your child’s teacher at the start of the new school year. Get acquainted with them and engage in your child’s learning. Plan to keep track of your child’s progress, subjects, homework and activities.

4. Volunteer. If possible, plan to volunteer in your child ‘s classroom at least periodically throughout the year. Participation in activities is a good way to develop a relationship with your child’s teachers and classmates. Most teachers welcome occasional parent assistance even if you cannot volunteer regularly.

5. Celebrate your child’s achievements. Be mindful of barriers your child has overcome throughout the year. Every child learn at a different pace and should be congratulated on their efforts.

Many Blessings for a New School Year!

Always SMILE…


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