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Happy Sunday!! Over the past few months, I’ve had very in-depth conversations with Coaching clients, small talk with mentees and others regarding mentoring. Regardless of your age or background, mentoring or having a mentor, is a rewarding, positive experience for all. I often post on mentoring and snatched snippets of this blog post from archives.

I have been mentoring youth and adults for many, many years and grateful to be a resource for many. There are many mentoring and coaching programs that you may strongly benefit from, if you are looking to advance your expertise into a small business. I truly enjoy being a Small Business Owner! I also have a mentor or two, that I trust in providing positive, healthy direction in many aspects of my life. Sometimes, it is necessary to grasp the knowledge and expertise of others. Mentoring is a relationship between two individuals, with a mutual desire for development towards career goals, personal growth and objectives. Seek out a mentor with vast knowledge, expertise and one that exemplifies the level of skill set needed.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone to be your mentor. Be selective in choosing a mentor. Be mindful of those that you select in providing wise counsel. The focus should always be to assist one in developing their own strategies and skills to become effective.

What are some of the benefits of mentoring or having a mentor? Glad you asked!

M: Motivation. Motivation comes from being self-confident. If you are not confident in yourself, you will not have the drive or motivation to push towards your goals, dreams or overcome barriers.

E: Excitement/Energy. Your excitement or energy will either decrease or increase your level of expectancy. Having a great mentor will push you forward towards your goals.

N: NO. Is not an answer. You will strive to remove “NO” out of your vocabulary. NO is not an option. Being open to change, opportunites and growth is investing in YOU.

T: Trust. If you are mentoring someone, they trust you. Without trust, the mentor-mentee relationship will fade. Building trust is key to successful relationships. Get to know your mentor or mentee. Learn and share experiences and challenges.

O: Opportunities. Opportunites are important as you evolve and grow. Mentoring is an opportunity, you should not take for granted. Connecting and networking with youth and adults, allows for nurturing relationships to evolve and grow. Make sure you establish short and long-term goals.

R: Responsibility. Whether you are the mentor or the mentee, responsibilities within a mentorship is important. Clearly define each role to ensure effectiveness. Be open to feedback and remember we all have different needs, strengths and challenges.

Mentoring is important. If you are struggling with mentorship or have questions, please visit my website at http://www.sherillrdavis.com and send me a contact form. I would love to speak with you!

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