The Joy Of Reading

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The wishy-washy weather is back! Although, I am thankful for the cold air and not the ice storms impacting surrounding states. Do you love to read? Reading is fundamental for every area of your life. Whether it’s reading for pleasure, spiritual growth, introducing yourself to a new position, preparing for a school project or encouraging your child to read, it is necessary. Over the holidays, I have been gifted with several reading books to read and explore. Ohh…The JOY of Reading!!

Did you know that one in six adults struggles to read and reading difficulties in youth are very common? With so many electronic gadgets and electronic playing systems, reading falls short, as being not only a development tool, but a fun, exciting experience.

I love to read! Reading is very therapeutic and can be very entertaining. With all of the social media gadgets, reading material can come right to your smartphone or iPad. However, I must say I am a book hoarder (Yikes)! I love to feel and touch the hard copy of a great book, although I do download some books.

If you are not reading regularly, you just may be missing out on a few benefits below:

Stress Reduction/Confidence. Reading a great book or magazine can easily distract the stress away to relaxing thoughts. There are many books offering learning, self-help, great entertainment and action. These books can clearly redirect your stress level in a positive way, including boosting your confidence.
Improved Focus/Creativity. Reading allows for you to focus on that specific read and the chaos of the world falls away. You have the opportuntiy to focus on a new way to achieve a desired goal or outcome. You just may find a new hobby or craft!
Free Entertainment. Every bookstore, library or iPad offers free reading without having to dive in your wallet for payment. All you need to do is make time. Reading can be fun. Be careful when selecting reading material at night, you just may have dreams about it! (Smile)

Reading benefits for children are:

Development. Introducing the concept of reading helps develop a young child’s brain. Their vocabulary is expanded and become very fluent readers. My son’s teacher has now incorporated daily journal reading of thirty minutes. This is to ensure continued development of reading skills and to demonstrate that reading is also fun.
Parent Bonding. The time you read with your child allows for bonding, excitement and joy. This creates a priceless experience; surely to allow for many laughs. Becoming involved with your child in reading can be a fun experience; especially during the hustle and bustle of the day.
Teach by Example. A child that is been read to will want to read as well. As parents, if a child witness you reading, they will become interested in the desire to read. Knowing the many habits children pick up, reading is one activity parents should aim for. Be the positive example your child see daily.

When you explore the art and adventure of reading, you gain understanding and clarity. Reading allows for connection into the world, experiences and learning aspects that may prepare you for a specific action or goal. Most importantly, Reading is FUN!

Happy Reading!

Always SMILE…


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Hello, Smiling Faces! I hope my blog of inspiration and motivation will empower you to LIVE out your passion and purpose for your life. Always SMILE! Thanks for reading and following!
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