Take Charge…

Happy Sunday!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! For me, it’s been a weekend of memories. A childhood and dear friend’s 40th birthday celebration on Friday and the baptism for our son, Swanson on today! What a blessing! The emotions of gratitude, happiness and tears of joy are bursting with excitement! He is such a blessing! Super proud to be his mommy! (Smile)

Are you taking charge of your life? Are you procrastinating on living life on purpose? Get out of your way and take charge NOW! Are you allowing fear to suck your days away? Make yourself a priority today. Start with small changes that you know you have been sleeping on. Take some time and learn you. For me, this was key to knowing my strengths and weaknesses. Get in a quiet place and be true to you. The good and the bad.

The days are not getting shorter and the months are sweeping by. A year from now, you will wish you had started TODAY…

Below are a few tips to get started:

1. Make a list of what you are avoiding and the reasons why.

2. Let go of YOUR expectations. Opportunities may be at your fingertips.

3. Take responsibility.



Yes,  #4 and #5 are the same. FEAR is the biggest drawback for not taking charge and enjoying life on purpose. Your goals and dreams will remain stagnant, if you do not take charge NOW!

It’s your mission to enjoy life, reach your goals and make your dreams come true!

Always SMILE…


About Sherill SMILEs

Hello, Smiling Faces! I hope my blog of inspiration and motivation will empower you to LIVE out your passion and purpose for your life. Always SMILE! Thanks for reading and following!
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1 Response to Take Charge…

  1. tejasvimys says:

    Another good post.. Amazing 👍🏻👌🏻



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