The Signs Of Bullying….

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Happy Sunday! Are you aware of bullying? Do you know the signs? Bullying is a growing, serious problem and not just to one specific race or gender. Bullying can have short or long-term challenges. We often hear about bullying with youth, but adults experience many types as well.

Bullying is behavior by the use of force, abuse, threat, or other aggressive behaviors. There are four types of bullying – emotional, verbal, physical, and cyber. Bullying in school or the workplace can lead to low self-esteem, loneliness, depression, and even illness. Many suicide attempts and cases with children involve bullying. Cyber bullying is a big issue. Strong racial comments, threats, or acts of hatred can be linked to bullying. Bullying with adults, normally involve abusive comments or harsh verbal communication.

Showing signs of bullying isn’t just at the middle or high school level. Bullying is impacting youth in kindergarten as well. Teasing and spreading rumors are very harsh in nature.

Parents, it is very important that you talk with your child who may show signs of bullying. Listen to your child. Be supportive. Be alert. Be engaged.

A few signs of bullying are below:

Socially withdrawn
Fear by peers
Decreased self-esteem
Declining grades
Difficulty sleeping, frequent headaches, changes in eating habits
Many internet sites can provide extensive information on bullying. Know the facts. Say No To Bullying!

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