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Over the weekend, returning from work travel from New Orleans, I experienced the chaos of air travel.  The recent snow and ice prevented me from arriving home according to my itinerary. Although, the sun was shining bright and no snow in New Orleans, I was faced with snow concerns in many other states, once I arrived to the airport. The weather woes prevented me from departing on time and catching my connecting flight in Atlanta. The uncertainty of my arrival home was becoming a little questioning and frustrating.

Thirteen hours of cancelled flights, delayed flights, on and off airplanes to other cities, I was extremely tired; Traveling around the world it seem, to catch a flight home, not impacted by snow and ice. In some states, air travel was grounded, passengers stuck in airports, and vehicles. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, I reflected on how I simply had no control of what I was enduring. I had to endure this long, yet temporary process, to reach my final destination. It was very frustrating, but I had to be patient and refocus my negative thoughts to positive ones. Patience in the midst of the process. There are some things we cannot control. Although we want to speed up time, dreams, and goals we have to endure the process. We have to be patient with ourselves and others. Life throws us many curve balls that we may or may not be prepared for.

Patience is truly a virtue. Life presents us with questions, doubts, and problems. Some things are beyond our control, yet we have to find a way to manage through it.

What situations are you trying to control? What process are you avoiding to reach your breakthrough?

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4 Responses to Patience!

  1. Madeline Taylor says:

    Truly patience is the word. Thanks for reminding us to have patience thru all our dealings. The control of our being belongs to God. Thanks for the post sometimes we need those reminders!!


  2. Adrienne says:

    This so so relevant in my life right now! This really ministered to my soul!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


  3. Taleka says:

    This is such an on time word and very encouraging. No one likes to be patient but it is so necessary in our process of growing. Thanks for sharing!



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