How Are You Spending Your Twenty-Four Hours?

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On yesterday, I posted the below quote.  Many, many times we give up after we fail at a task or project.  The key to success, is to keep moving, learning and growing, despite setbacks or failed opportunities.

You will not master your vision, dream or goal, without having a few roadblocks along the way. This is when you allow yourself to learn from the mistakes, take the necessary steps to plan a little more, but at ALL costs you will not give up.  Success is pushing forward, despite your setbacks. Pushing forward when you don’t see the end results. Pushing forward when you are the only one that can vision your success. All you need is to believe. Believe in Youself!

You have the same twenty-four hours as everyone else.  How are you spending your time? When I was preparing and writing my book, there were many things I had to miss. I wanted to watch that favorite television series, or attend many social events, but with working full-time and taking care of family, I had to make some choices. Today, I am glad I made the right ones. Time cannot be replaced.

So, My challenge to you is to take a few minutes and think about how you are spending your twenty- four hours. Are you spending time reaching your goal or straying away from it?

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1 Response to How Are You Spending Your Twenty-Four Hours?

  1. Adrienne says:

    I needed this today! Thanks!!



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