Embrace The Change!

Good Evening,

For many, embracing change is a big step. Starting a new job, going off to college, entering a new school or dealing with setbacks can be scary. The truth be told, you question your ability to adapt to change.  You convince yourself day after day that you are not ready. So in the meantime, you struggle with change and FEAR takes over.  I’ve been there and you question yourself many times over.

Whether you are ready or not, we all will deal with indirect or direct change. The key to a successful change is discipline and reprogramming negatives beliefs into positive ones. That inner voice will tell you not to rock the boat, to stay on the familiar path of least resistance, but your heart is telling you otherwise. Listen to your heart. Filter out the old static tune into something new. Challenge your assumptions and identify with positive people around you. Confront your fears – your life may be begging for a change.

Change can truly be a wonderful gift. It can recharge your battery and nourish your soul. Choose change and let it make a positive difference in your life.

Always SMILE…


About Sherill SMILEs

Hello, Smiling Faces! I hope my blog of inspiration and motivation will empower you to LIVE out your passion and purpose for your life. Always SMILE! Thanks for reading and following!
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4 Responses to Embrace The Change!

  1. Meyucca says:

    When I tell you this is on point for me right now! We are in the process of making a major decision and this spoke to my heart. I’ve got to let go of fear and allow God to speak to us. Change can sometimes be difficult because we tend to be complacent with our lives and situations and we must dismiss complacent and be open to change.. Thank you because this is confirmation for us.


  2. Adrienne says:

    Another great one! When my husband was diagnosed with cancer last year and my position at work was eliminated, our lives changed! However, we have slowly but surely adjusted to the change and are making the best out of it! This post encouraged me even more to embrace change! I’m reminded of one of my favorite scriptures Romans 8:28. Be Blessed SRD!!!



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