Why Mentoring Matters…

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For many, many years of mentoring, I’ve witnessed the changing of lives both young and old. Because of mentoring received throughout my young and adult years, it has allowed me to grow, learn, step outside of my comfort zone and reach for the stars. It has truly impacted my personal and professional life. Everyone should have a mentor or two. The role of a mentor is to encourage the personal and professional development of a mentee through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience.

Mentoring is giving advice or direction to someone using your own experiences to provide guidance. It also involves tutoring, skills training and coaching. Research shows that young people showed an increased belief in their abilities to succeed in school and felt less anxiety related to peer pressure. Your setbacks or struggles, where you have succeeded or failed is the best form of advice to help someone. You are never to young or old to have a mentor. Everyone has a story. Your story can help someone.

Mentoring to youth is my primary focus and passion. Youth today need someone to guide them into positive choices that will lead towards a productive future. Mentoring can occur through an organization, in person, on the phone, over lunch, dinner, engaging in sports activities or homework.   There are many organizations in your local community that you can connect with. Prior to launching my own business, I served with several organizations, presently residing on the board for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Memphis. Mentoring is the the greatest gift to give of yourself and time; making a difference in the lives of others.

One of my programs, “The Coaching Experience” allows for adults as well as recent graduates to ignite their passion and vision for their life. We should all pay it forward to help someone. My future plans are to have engaged mentors on board as I expand SRD Services.

I’m overly excited to provide SRD Services on a special project in St. Louis this week! Referrals are always welcomed!

My challenge to you, is to get connected and mentor someone today. We all can make a difference.

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