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Are you aware of the many signs of bullying with your child? Bullying is a very serious concern in our schools, neighborhoods and even on our jobs. Over the past few years, bullying has become a very hot topic that both adults and children are talking about. In many schools, Administrators and Guidance Counselors are incorporating Bullying Programs for awareness.

Whether being harassed online, at school, or being physically hurt, parents and guardians should immediately recognize warning signs of bullying. Staying at home, however, no longer protect kids as social media allows for another bullying outlet.

Cyberbullying has become so common with hate messages, online harassment and threats. Children are being teased and threatened because of their appearance, nationality, or even slight disability. In most cases, parents or guardians are unaware of the affects it may be having on children from day to day.

Below are several signs of bullying:

  • Physical and verbal altercations
  • Unexplained injuries or bruises
  • Performance in school declines
  • Does not want to participate in after-school activities
  • Hesitant or refusal to go to school
  • Suddenly uses bad language and behavior changes
  • Distance shown towards family and peers
  • Torn clothing, damaged belongings or books
  • Loss of appetite

These warning signs can also lead to other serious issues. Please ensure you are talking with your child daily regarding school and activities. Staying engaged with your child’s teacher can also provide direction as to their daily interaction and involvement during school hours. If your child is experiencing any of these signs, encourage open communication to ensure they are safe. There are many bullying online sites to educate, aide and attempt to prevent bullying, as well as communicating with teachers and administrators. Ensure that you are closely monitoring your child’s social media involvement, settings and sites visited. Let’s keep our children safe.

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